There was a time in my life where I wanted to give up and I was asking God, what more does He require from me. I was trying my hardest to overcome life adversity and didn’t want to struggle the way that I was anymore.

I was tired of struggling financially, I wanted a better life for my son and myself. I know the only way out was through hard work and working towards opening new doors, but when doors kept closing it seemed as if the universe was against me. It seemed as if no one had my back, it seems as if I was born to fail and failing was becoming natural.

Looking back now, I realized that God was closing those doors because they weren’t the ones for me, little did I know that God had a greater plan for my life and I had to be strong enough to withstand His plan. I had to learn how to advocate for myself beyond circumstance.

I remember walking out of an interview thinking that I was clueless because I answered questions based on my life experiences and due to that I thought I had no knowledge or experience for the job I was applying for, but the Lord had plans for me and to my surprise, I was offered the job. I remember thinking to myself that my life experience was my blessing, my life experiences helped me to help others, my life experience is who I am. This changed my mindset and in turn changed my life. I started to view each opportunity as a blessing, even when it’s negative and all I want to do is cry.

Doors are closed for a reason, sometimes we fight to go through a door that wasn’t meant for us and we need to stop and evaluate the situation and start a new plan. I also changed my daily routine and ensure I was active most of my days, even when I had no place to go. I found that the more active I am is, the more productive I am in my life. When I was in a depressed state of mind I would find myself sleeping all day and stuck, I realized how unproductive that could be and that it wasn’t adding any value to my life. Being active was as simple as, baking, going for a walk, reading a book or even taking a nice hot shower to calm your nerves, so that you can reset your way of thinking.

Your mindset has the power to control your destiny and you have the power to ensure that it’s leading you in a positive direction. An active mind helps you to think outside the box and to view life in an optimistic way. When I’m not active, I start to doubt myself and that’s when giving up become an option, this self-realization helped me to refocus my state of mind and activate my inner me.

I take on multiple task and love to seek new adventures and/or opportunities. I ensure that I am always active to the point where I can overdo at times. I cut out tv but will only watch movies when my body tells me it’s time to take it easy and rest. I have noticed a drastic shift in my life once I changed my mindset, my days became more productive and doors started to open.

We have the power to live the life we want and all you must do is believe in yourself and make plans for your future. I realized now that my past is an illusion, my present life needs to be an active one with a vision while working towards my future. We need to focus ahead and be versatile with the changes that are happening around us, each experience will bring growth that you will need.

The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow.

You need to believe in yourself and give thanks for all the struggles that you have overcome because without them you wouldn’t have the knowledge you have today and you won’t be uniquely you.


Believe That You Can and You Will