This year I decided to live my life outside the boxwhat does that mean to me?” To me this means I will put me first, I will do things that I didn’t do before, and I’m open to new experiences and new opportunities.  

I am going to do things that help me live out my gifts. I am going to take my family to another level beyond their limits. This new journey needs to look different from the things I use to do and step outside my comfort zone. 

This summer I decided to take my children Glamping and live in a tent for days, for some people this is a normal experience but within my culture, this is an extreme. I went into this experience with an open mind and I was determined to give my children a lifetime experience. I sought advice from experienced campers and was willing to comply and trust that they had my family best interest at heart.  

I am happy to say that this was one of the best vacations my children and I had; we stayed extra days. My children want to do the same thing next summer, but little do they know that I will be introducing them to a different experience next year so that they too will learn to live outside the box. 

Living outside the box means that you do things differently in all areas of your life; we have the ability to move Mountains and obtain the life that we desire. When we have a limited mind set it prevents us from rising above our current situation and our children, in turn, inherits this same mindset.  

The Lord has placed different people and resources in our lives for a reason and we need to utilize our surroundings in order to live an abundant life. We are in a culture where we believe we are self-sufficient and forget that it takes a community to build a nation.  

My goal for my family is to live a life full of abundance and I know it starts from me, I know that I need to change in all areas of my life and seek assistance as I’m growing. My Glamping vacation was a success because I sought assistance and didn’t go into it as if I knew what I was doing. In life, we need to have a goal in mind and find like-minded people in our circle to help us execute the plan.  

Most plans fail because we don’t seek assistances and we try to do everything by ourselves. As I mentioned above, I am seeking a life outside the box, this will take me into uncomfortable territories and if I’m not able to reach out to others, how else am I going to succeed at this task.  

Some plans also fail because we don’t invest enough time into our goals and we get frustrated when things are not going as planned. This is the time to reach out to others and find someone who can help you bring your vision to life. Your break-through always comes at the most difficult stage and if you give up then, you will never know what could have been. 

Successful people have a limitless mindset, successful people live outside the box and successful people also know that when you are in an uncomfortable position that is when you need to push the hardest. You need to be in an uncomfortable position to know your true strength and what you are capable of.  

We need to change our view of life and reset our mindset in order to come out of our comfort zone. We were created to do greatness and our mind does not control us, we control the mind, so whatever you desire out of life, belongs to you, if you believe and are willing to come outside of your comfort zone. You must be willing to push beyond your limits and work harder during your difficult stages; you need to believe in yourself and want it bad enough to live outside the box. Then and only then you will live an abundant life. 

The Lord created us in the image of himself, so I believe he wanted us to live a fulfilling life, one with happiness and abundance. We were also created with a unique gift to share with the world so that we can all benefit from each other’s gift.  

So, go ahead! 

 Try something different, push yourself beyond your limits and find your greatness!