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Read all about Nakeisha’s triumphs in her book “My Crossroads”

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Inspirational and motivational experiences and testimonies .

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Learn how to view your obstacles as a pathway to your future.

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The first time I met Nakisha Geddes, I remember her smile light up the room and so did her speech. It takes skill to speak, but for her it's a natural reflex. She engages the audience and reminded me of a time and place that I once was and how I got to the next level. Nakisha is an amazing, engaging and powerful speaker and I highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of her service.

Marcia Y. Ford

Company Name: Sueyensue Plac

I’ve known Nakeisha for a number of years and have witnessed her always wanting to make a difference in people’s lives. Her qualities of strength and compassion make her a natural leader. Nakeisha’s presence in any room is always welcomed because she brings an energy and warmth that people are drawn to. People respect and listen her because she is passionate about the equal wellbeing of others.

Kim Parsons

Nakeisha is a phenomenal and passionate speaker who has a desire to serve people. I was honoured to have her speak at the launching of “Church of God Deliverance Centre Youth Ministry.” She spoke about some of the challenges she faced growing up and how she managed to overcome. I was also honoured to have her MC the panel discussion for “The Persistent Generation Prophetic Youth Conference 2017.” She worked alongside me to plan the conference and I know she will continue to give a helping hand. She is did an awesome job, she is a woman I believe the Lord will use to destroy limits in this generation. She is a great speaker who encourages others to live a positive lifestyle. She is amazing!

Andrea John

Company Name: The Persistent Generation

Nakeisha Geddes is the woman you need on your team. She carries a spirit of giving that enables her to offer so much to any team she is a part of. It was a absolute pleasure having her speak at the first “Share My Pain” retreat. The maturity, wisdom and experience that she offered to the young ladies cannot be repaid. I am looking forward to working with Nakeisha again and again.

Latania Christie

Company Name: Christielle Creative Productions, Inc
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